Master in Dentistry

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Master in Dentistry

The creation of the Professional Master′s Program in Orthodontics of the Universidade Cidade de São Paulo – UNICID was approved on December 18th, 1998, in accordance with the resolution CONSUN no. 28/98, of this University.

Accreditation with CAPES / MEC was recognized by administrative rule no. 2,530 of the MEC, on 04/09/2002, published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government on September 6, 2002; and this recognition is maintained by MEC ordinance No. 1,077, on 08/31/2012, published in DOU 03/09/2012.

The Program has a maximum duration of 24 months, during which 136 credits must be paid, of which 96 are in programmed disciplines and activities, as well as 40 to carry out scientific research, culminating in the public defense of the dissertation.

The disciplines of the Program are subdivided into two areas: concentration and related. The area of concentration encompasses the disciplines directly related to the specialty, while in the related area, endorses subjects are given that support clinical, didactic and research activities.



The Master′s Degree in Orthodontics at UNICID aims to offer Dental Surgeons the possibility of being introduced to the teaching / learning process, seeking theoretical background, which is a subsidy for clinical practice in this specialty, resulting in professional qualification of excellence .

Due to the progressive construction of knowledge, in increasing levels of complexity, whether due to the development of theoretical / laboratory and clinical content, the Program also has as a characteristic the improvement in the teaching context, supported by scientific research in the Orthodontics Area.

The ability of postgraduates to carry out scientific research is the result of their fundamental role as an active actor in the teaching / learning process, since their continuing education, leading to the search for knowledge, updating and recycling of scientific information, the access to technological evolution, results in an expressive academic performance.

In this way, the Master′s Program in Orthodontics of the Universidade Cidade de São Paulo – UNICID, has as main focus, the elaboration of scientific investigations in its area of action, aiming to know and understand the orthodontic needs of the community, seeking to attend them with the more appropriate and updated therapeutics.

It is of great importance that there be integration of academic activities with the existing industries in the market, focused on the production of working instruments for this purpose, since it allows the accomplishment of scientific research directed to the appreciation of the different orthodontic materials present, associated to new technologies Applied in Orthodontics, proposing to meet the diversity of clinical demand.

The Professional Master′s Program in Orthodontics aims to prepare professionals with extensive clinical experience, deep biological knowledge and didactic-scientific capacity, that is, that triad contributes to the formation of professionals highly competent and able to accommodate the demands of this professional activity.


Exchanges with Universities Abroad

The Master′s Program in Orthodontics has made great efforts in the direction of internationalization, which already show concrete effects. It seeks to establish a policy of creating and maintaining permanent relations of exchange with Institutions abroad, such as with the University of Amsterdam – Holland and the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), Campos Santiago, Dominican Republic, aiming of strengthening the ties of internationalization. The program is distinguished by the development of scientific research, with the cooperation of teachers and researchers from several international locations. The exchanges have been favored by the constant entry of foreign students into this program, which has already received students from Portugal, Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.